Gemma cooks – 24 weeks of Leith’s

My tiny south east London kitchen

The next 6 months of my life will be dedicated to food and eating. Whilst this is not hugely different from the norm, these 24 weeks will be shaped and guided by instruction from Leith’s cookery school’s online professional course. I’m very excited to be learning new skills and techniques, trying out new recipes and eating the results!

Eggs Benedict

Week 20, Session 2 I’m not a massive fan of Eggs Benedict as I always find hollandaise too rich and a little vinegary. However, as usual, Leith’s has come through again. It was rich but in a moorish rather than sickly way and I made the perfect amount for 2 poached eggs on muffins topped […]

American pancakes

Week 20, session 1 This week is brunch. I love breakfast items and can eat breakfast at any time of the day. Therefore, pretty happy about brunch week! Session 1 was blueberry American style pancakes. I’ve made these before, loads, but clearly never properly because these were light and fluffy and cakey and perfect! I […]

Herb crusted rack of lamb with tomato salsa

Week 19, session 2 This took a look of work to prep the lamb and the amount of fat, meat, sinew and skin you need to remove to make this edible seems wasteful bit it’s really worth it. The meat was soft and juicy and easy to eat. Yum! The herb crust is made by […]