Gemma cooks – 24 weeks of Leith’s

My tiny south east London kitchen

The next 6 months of my life will be dedicated to food and eating. Whilst this is not hugely different from the norm, these 24 weeks will be shaped and guided by instruction from Leith’s cookery school’s online professional course. I’m very excited to be learning new skills and techniques, trying out new recipes and eating the results!

Sourdough crumpets

These turned out better than before but still not perfect. Next time I will plan ahead more so that I have enough unfed starter to make these. I fed my starter yesterday to get the volume up which I think is what made them a little doughy. Having said this, they were delicious. I served […]

Pan fried squid with chickpea salad

Week 9, session 3 The final session for this week focussed on cephalopods – squid in this case. I prepared this with not too much effort but didn’t enjoy the sliminess of squid. Once prepared I scored it, cut it into bite sized pieces and pan fried it on a high heat. It was only […]