Week 2, sessions 3 & 4

I’ve made my first ever mayonnaise today. Tasted not like jar mayonnaise at all but it didn’t split and adding lots of lemon juice made it quite tasty.

The next session was soft boiled eggs. I can’t say I learnt anything from this session in terms of eggs (I can boil eggs) but I did turn my mayo into a really good dressing for a salad and I learnt that this is a daughter sauce (the mayo being the mother). The offspring was made by adding water and wholegrain mustard to the mayo.

The salad made for this session was a BLT salad with focaccia croutons, streaky bacon, roasted cherry tomatoes, the daughter sauce dressing and a soft boiled egg.

The combination of making mayo by hand, mayo by machine and the salad meant 2 hours of cooking. To then present a salad after this long in the kitchen is quite amusing! I think I can do this in 25 minutes next time! 🤞

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