Scrambled eggs (more eggs)

Week 2 session 5 – the final egg session (I love eggs but I’m ready for a little break now).

Scrambled egg was on the agenda today. I’ve eaten a lot of grainy or rubbery scrambled eggs in my time so I can imagine this was quite an interesting session for some. I however, and my partner can attest to this, make great scrambled egg – creamy and baveuse!

I therefore didn’t learn anything from this session but I did get to eat scrambled egg for breakfast this morning which was a treat for a week day!

I did recommend in the session feedback that something more technical, such as hollandaise, might have been a good final egg session but I’ll see what response I have to this.

It’s pastry week starting tomorrow which I’ve very little experience with so I’m a little nervous. Watch this space…

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