Pork tenderloin with berlotti bean and tomato sauce

Week 5, session 1

This week is pan frying meat and accompanying sauces week. The first dish was easy to do and actually quite similar to the one I cooked to accompany the cauliflower (whoops).

This sauce used smoked paprika which added a really nice richness and depth and I used the chicken stock I made in week 1 for the first time which was very exciting!

I cut the pork tenderloin into medallions and then flattened them to about 1cm thick. This made them really tender and created a large surface area for caramelisation which added to the flavour.

The pork I used was free range, outdoor bred and was from my favourite butcher – Duggard and Daughters in Herne Hill.

Overall, the dish was easy, tasty and healthy so a winner all round. Will make this sauce again – it would go with all meats and meat substitutes, and with a few added ingredients it would make a good stew too!

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