Chicken supreme with mixed grain, kale and tarragon sauce

I had the other chicken supreme and some tarragon cream sauce left from my early Leith’s session so thought I’d do a quick Friday night dinner.

I didn’t clean the bone like I did for the Leith’s session as it had struck me that it was wasteful and thought it might be quite nice to have a little meat on the bone. I’m not sure if it didn’t look as nice, I’ll have to do a poll, but it was delicious!

I pan fried the supreme skin side down in olive oil and butter for around 10-15 minutes then lowered the heat and cooked on the meat side until it was cooked through. I was worried it would be a little dry because I didn’t use the stock as I did in the Leith’s session but it wasn’t at all. It was really succulent – a testament to organic, free-range chicken (and cooking skills 😉).

I served this with some mixed grains and green lentils mixed with kale and the tenderstem ends I had saved from the previous session. The grains and lentils were already cooked so I mixed everything together and heated this in some olive oil with crushed garlic. I mixed through some chopped parsley and mint (also left over in the fridge).

I make it a rule not to waste anything so I’m really happy with the dish for being able to use things up. I think all-sorts knocking about in the fridge can be added to the grains so is a good base for many dishes.

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