Sourdough crumpets

I’ve been wanting to do these for ages because discarding half of my starter every week seems so wasteful and it hurts! However, you need muffin rings and I couldn’t source these for a while due to lockdown. However, I’ve got them now so gave sourdough crumpets a crack.

They didn’t turn out quite how I’d have liked as I didn’t get so many bubbles and they were a bit bready. However, they were delicious and so easy to make that I will persevere to perfect these!

The recipe I used was King Arthur Flour’s recipe which required only the addition of sugar, salt and bicarbonate of soda. Easy recipe, tasty and will try again but may change to another if I get the same results.

I friend of mine who makes these recommended cooking them really slowly so I’ll do this on the weekend and let you know.

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