Sugar syrups

Week 6, session 2

Session 2 was about sugar syrups. I learnt how to make a simple sugar syrup and then how to take it to the next stages to make caramel. This is really simple. It is just equal parts sugar to water, heat until every grain of sugar is fully dissolved and once it is boiling it until it has a greasy texture. You just keep boiling it to get it to go a darker colour and thicker consistency.

I didn’t take this past the boiled sugar and water phase because I needed this syrup for making raspberry coulis. This is so easy to make and so delicious. It’s only whizzed up raspberries, passed through a fine sieve plus some sugar syrup to sweeten it. I didn’t add loads of the syrup as the raspberries were already quite sweet and I really like their natural sourness. Good to offset sweet meringues.

I remade my meringues from session 1 to go with the coulis and they turned out much better than my first attempt – sugar fully incorporating and I used a proper icing bag.

I have just eaten left over coulis on top of coconut yoghurt for my breakfast (yum) and there is still some left so having a think about the possibilities. I have sugar syrup left too so I’m thinking cocktails!

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