Brill with seaweed butter

Week 7, session 1

I’m playing catch up this week so this week is both fish week and choux pastry and creme patisserie week so will be a busy one.

This session focussed on filleting and cooking a flat fish. I bought this fish from the fish stall that comes to Herne Hill Market on a Sunday – The Portland Scallop Co. My intention was to buy a plaice but they only had brill and was sweet talked into buying it because it is the fishmonger’s favourite (apparently).

I enjoyed filleting and skinning this and didn’t have too much trouble doing it. I had to buy a filleting knife but found a Sabatier one for £15 which was excellent!

Job well done I think.

I grilled the fillets with seaweed butter (powdered nori mixed with unsalted butter) then served them with a squeeze of lemon. Really simple and so delicious. Think brill is my favourite now too!

I served this with tenderstem and some new potatoes. Really yummy! I think this will be right up my Dad’s street so will make this again for his birthday in September!

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