Coffee eclairs and chocolate profiteroles

Week 8, session 2

The final session this week was to make both eclairs and profiteroles, both filled with creme patisserie. I made these with the same recipe for choux pastry as I used for the gougeres.

The creme patisserie was so much easier to make than I thought it would have been. I combined 3 egg yolks with caster sugar, plain flour, and cornflour until it was a lump free paste, then whisked in hot milk (like when making custard). When these were all combined, I returned it back to the pan over a high heat and mixed until it formed a thick paste.

Once cooled, I mixed it so that the solid became piping consistency then piped it into my profiteroles and eclairs via a small hole made with a skewer.

I then dipped each into my sauces – dark chocolate melted over a bain marie and espresso mixed with icing sugar.

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