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  • Eggs Benedict
    Week 20, Session 2 I’m not a massive fan of Eggs Benedict as I always find hollandaise too rich and a little vinegary. However, as usual, Leith’s has come through again. It was rich but in a moorish rather than sickly way and I made the perfect amount for 2 poached eggs on muffins topped […]
  • American pancakes
    Week 20, session 1 This week is brunch. I love breakfast items and can eat breakfast at any time of the day. Therefore, pretty happy about brunch week! Session 1 was blueberry American style pancakes. I’ve made these before, loads, but clearly never properly because these were light and fluffy and cakey and perfect! I […]
  • Herb crusted rack of lamb with tomato salsa
    Week 19, session 2 This took a look of work to prep the lamb and the amount of fat, meat, sinew and skin you need to remove to make this edible seems wasteful bit it’s really worth it. The meat was soft and juicy and easy to eat. Yum! The herb crust is made by […]
  • Sirloin steak with chimichurri sauce
    Week 19, session 1 This week is red meat week. The first session was how to cook a perfect steak. I think this is about practice because whilst I did get a medium rare steak, I think this was luck more than anything else. Until I cook some more steaks and can tell the difference […]
  • Vanilla panna cotta with almond crumble
    Week 17, session 2 I love Panna cotta so was excited about making this and excited because it was the last sweet recipe I’d be cooking for a while! Due to my jelly only just setting I used more gelatine in this recipe but it was set a bit too much but was still smooth […]
  • Orange jelly
    Week 17, session 1 This week is gelatine week. I’d not done much with gelatine before so was a bit anxious about whether it would set or not as I’ve watched a lot of MasterChef when it doesn’t. I stuck carefully to the measurements though and it did set but only just. Will add a […]
  • Hazelnut praline parfait
    Week 16, session 2 This session used skills I’ve learnt in other sessions which is good. I used my sugar syrup session to make caramel and my meringue session to make, well, meringue. This was so delicious. I’d not had parfait before which is much lighter than ice cream but still creamy and I love […]
  • Crème anglaise & ice cream
    Week 16, session 1 I’ve been remiss over the last 2 weeks with blogging but that is because I’ve been in a Leith’s induced sugar coma. Over 2 weeks I baked and ate 6 cakes (I didn’t eat it all, I promise) and for the past 2 weeks I’ve been making (and eating) desserts. Last […]
  • Carrot cake
    Week 15, session 3 The final cake!!! I love carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. It is one of my absolute faves so was looking forward to this (although really was at my cake limit by this point). This cake was light, not too sweet and, whilst I was disappointed that there wasn’t frosting in […]
  • Gingerbread cake
    Week 15, session 2 This is an example of the melted method. Black treacle, golden syrup, butter, and soft brown sugar were melted together in a saucepan which was, once cooled, added to the eggs and dry ingredients. It’s easy to do this method and smells incredible whilst doing it and the result was a […]

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