Za’atar crusted prawns with buckwheat, cucumber and pomegrante salad

Week 9, session 2

The prawns I used for this were purchased from Fishtale in Streatham who deliver locally for free. Another great thing about that place!

Any way, I peeled and deveined these then coated them in a za’atar and flour mixture then fried them on high.

I served these with a salad made from buckwheat, pomegranate and cucumber with dill, mint and parsley. The dressing was olive oil, lemon and orange juice, sumac, honey, and salt and pepper.

Really simple but so tasty and super healthy. The prawns were so fresh, amazing quality and really tasty!


Moules marinere

Week 8, session 1

This week is crustaceans and molluscs, my absolute favourite and the week I’ve been waiting for!

The first session was moules marinere. I have grown up preparing and eating these with my Dad and my brother so knew this wouldn’t be a challenge, just a good excuse to make something delicious and learn the precise method. Turns out, my Dad had got this pretty spot on so I didn’t learn too much.

However, the small differences were that the onions were cooked really slowly in butter which made them really sweet and the white wine was mixed with water and then reduced which made it less acidic. Finally, a knob of butter was mixed into the stock before serving. Very French!

Today was a fasting day for me so these were perfect because they are low in fat (except the added butter) and carbs and therefore calories. And really worth waiting for!


Sea bass with fennel and orange salad

Week 7, session 2

Filleting a round fish was definitely more tricky than a flat fish. It wasn’t a total disaster but I need to practice this one a lot!

The fish was pan fried to get a crispy skin (my favourite) so this bit was ok for me – well practiced.

The salad was made from fennel, orange, watercress and black olives with a dressing of orange juice, olive oil, Dijon mustard, honey and orange zest.

Overall, this was really fresh and light and perfect on one of my 5:2 fast days!