Carrot cake

Week 15, session 3

The final cake!!!

I love carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. It is one of my absolute faves so was looking forward to this (although really was at my cake limit by this point).

This cake was light, not too sweet and, whilst I was disappointed that there wasn’t frosting in the middle, this actually made the cake not at all sickly.

I think if I make this again I’ll make the icing less runny (invest is some better cream cheese and gold through at the end) and I’ll use orange zest on top rather than the walnuts as I find walnuts a little bitter. Other than that, a good recipe!


Carrot cake overnight oats

This was very much a trial run, trying to invent another overnight oats. I usually make overnight oats with frozen berries and coconut yoghurt which is delicious and tried and tested but I wanted ti experiment with something new.

I grated a carrot into my oats, added oat milk, cinnamon, some vanilla bean paste and a little maple syrup. For me this was a little sweet so I won’t add the vanilla or the maple syrup next time to see how the sweetness turns out. I also added a little bit too much oat milk so it was a little runny so I’ll add a little less in future.

Although this wasn’t perfect, I loved the concept and will keep experimenting.

I topped this with coconut yoghurt, coconut shavings a walnuts. Really good toppings! Will buy pecans for next time though as I think this would be even better than the walnuts.

Really quick, healthy and yummy breakfast overall. I’ll post the final recipe when it’s perfect and I’ve finally set up my recipes page.