Pan fried squid with chickpea salad

Week 9, session 3

The final session for this week focussed on cephalopods – squid in this case.

I prepared this with not too much effort but didn’t enjoy the sliminess of squid. Once prepared I scored it, cut it into bite sized pieces and pan fried it on a high heat. It was only slightly chewy, due to the pan not being hot enough, but mostly it was soft.

I served these squid pieces with a salad made from chickpeas, cherry tomatoes, cooked red onion, olives and rocket which I dressed with lemon zest, lemon juice, garlic, red chilli and olive oil.

Really simple but really delicious!


Butternut squash, chickpea and kale curry

I went to a friend’s for dinner last night. First since lockdown. It was so lovely to sit round the table (1 metre apart of course) and share a meal.

My contribution was a butternut squash, chickpea and kale curry which I cooked with lots of spices and aromats, tomatoes and coconut milk. It was really rich and comforting as well as being healthy and vegan!

My friend Gina made all of the sides – raita topped with chilli butter, tomato, onion and radish salad, crispy kale and the lightest garlic butter naans which she made from scratch.

All of the food was delicious and tasted so much better because it was enjoyed with friends and a natter. I feel like a different person now thanks to Gina, Hannah, Andy and Yoda (Gina’s very beautiful golden retriever).


Roasted cauliflower and almonds, Moroccan chickpea stew and pork medallion

Week 4 session 2

Today in vegetables week we cooked roasted cauliflower. This was roasted with almonds and coated in beurre noisette and sherry vinegar. Such a yummy recipe!

I served this with a pork medallion and a stew of chickpeas, tomatoes and preserved lemons. Such good combos and I don’t know whether the cauliflower of the stew was the best thing. Pork was good, and I’m sure my partner would say this was an important component, but I could have done without it.