Coffee eclairs and chocolate profiteroles

Week 8, session 2

The final session this week was to make both eclairs and profiteroles, both filled with creme patisserie. I made these with the same recipe for choux pastry as I used for the gougeres.

The creme patisserie was so much easier to make than I thought it would have been. I combined 3 egg yolks with caster sugar, plain flour, and cornflour until it was a lump free paste, then whisked in hot milk (like when making custard). When these were all combined, I returned it back to the pan over a high heat and mixed until it formed a thick paste.

Once cooled, I mixed it so that the solid became piping consistency then piped it into my profiteroles and eclairs via a small hole made with a skewer.

I then dipped each into my sauces – dark chocolate melted over a bain marie and espresso mixed with icing sugar.


Aubergine and prosciutto gougeres

Week 8, session 1

This week is about choux pastry and creme patisserie. Session 1 focussed on just the pastry which was made savoury with the addition of chunks of Gruyere mixed into the dough.

I then placed the dough around the inside of ramekins, keeping a hole in the middle for the filling.

The filling was made from lightly fried diced aubergine, prosciutto, basil and double cream (just to bind it).

Once the filling was piled in to the hole, they were baked in the oven for about 30 minutes until risen and golden on the outside.

I found this pastry quite easy to make compared with shortcrust. It is really similar to making a roux which I’ve been making with my mum for various dishes since I was big enough to help in the kitchen.

However, they quickly sank in the middle once they were out of the oven so I’ve asked my tutor if this was because they needed more baking, the filling was too wet, there was something wrong with the pastry, etc. Will let you know.

Even with this, they were really tasty. Could do these with mushroom and blue cheese, chicken pie filling, roasted veg and feta, and my imagination goes on.