Roast chicken

Week 10, session 1 and 2

When I saw that week 10 was making a roast chicken I thought that the only thing I could learn from this is amazing gravy. However, the time planning session was really helpful and I did serve up on time! Will need to get into the habit of doing this for bigger dinners.

Time plan

The only other thing I can say about this is that the roast potatoes and gravy were amazing!

  • Roast potatoes
    • Parboil Maris Piper pieces in salted water.
    • Drain and allow to dry.
    • Heat 100g goose fat in a large baking tray to allow lots of space between potatoes.
    • Roast for 20 minutes then turn.
    • Roast for a further 30 minutes or until golden and crispy.
  • Chicken/Gravy
    • Cook the chicken in a baking tray which the chicken sits in snugly.
    • Push 40g of butter underneath the skin of the chicken and insert 2 sprigs of thyme and half a lemon cut in half inside the cavity.
    • Cut half an apple and half an onion into chunks and place in the baking tray. Place the chicken on top and season with salt and pepper.
    • Pour 100ml of both white wine and water into the bottom of the tray and place the chicken in the oven.
    • When the chicken is cooked, move the chicken to a carving board and reserve the juices minus the apple and onion.
    • Take the fat off the top of the juices and return them to the baking tray. Heat them up and add a scant tablespoon of plain flour and whisk. Cook for about a minute.
    • Slowly add 150ml strong chicken stock (I used the stock I made in week 1) then add the chicken juices.
    • Boil for a minute to cook out the flour and then more if you want a stronger flavour.
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