Tagliatelle with Pesto

Week 11, session 1

This week is pasta week. I’ve made pasta before but was never very good at it, didn’t find it easy and thought that it was a lot of effort for results similar to what I can buy in the shops. Therefore, I was not excited by the prospect of pasta week.

I was right to be fearful. I had to make 2 batches of dough because my first batch was tough and I couldn’t get it to go through the machine without tearing to pieces.

My second batch was more successful and tasted good but it was far from perfect. I don’t eat a lot of pasta so can’t really tell you if it tasted better than dried or shop bought tagliatelle. But I did it and it tasted good!

I made a classic basil pesto which was so easy and definitely better than shop bought!

Although the recipe didn’t call for this, I fried some Parma ham and crumbled this onto the top to add a bit of texture and saltiness. Naughty but nice!

The veggie option


  • Pasta
    • 200g 00 flour (as much as you can incorporate)
    • 2 large eggs (a little more if it’s dry)
    • 1 tsp olive oil
    • Semolina flour for dusting and drying
  • Pesto
    • 100g basil (leaves and stalks)
    • 60g pine nuts
    • 60g parmesan
    • 2 garlic cloves
    • 100ml olive oil (or as much or as little as needed for the desired texture)