Roast chicken

Week 10, session 1 and 2

When I saw that week 10 was making a roast chicken I thought that the only thing I could learn from this is amazing gravy. However, the time planning session was really helpful and I did serve up on time! Will need to get into the habit of doing this for bigger dinners.

Time plan

The only other thing I can say about this is that the roast potatoes and gravy were amazing!

  • Roast potatoes
    • Parboil Maris Piper pieces in salted water.
    • Drain and allow to dry.
    • Heat 100g goose fat in a large baking tray to allow lots of space between potatoes.
    • Roast for 20 minutes then turn.
    • Roast for a further 30 minutes or until golden and crispy.
  • Chicken/Gravy
    • Cook the chicken in a baking tray which the chicken sits in snugly.
    • Push 40g of butter underneath the skin of the chicken and insert 2 sprigs of thyme and half a lemon cut in half inside the cavity.
    • Cut half an apple and half an onion into chunks and place in the baking tray. Place the chicken on top and season with salt and pepper.
    • Pour 100ml of both white wine and water into the bottom of the tray and place the chicken in the oven.
    • When the chicken is cooked, move the chicken to a carving board and reserve the juices minus the apple and onion.
    • Take the fat off the top of the juices and return them to the baking tray. Heat them up and add a scant tablespoon of plain flour and whisk. Cook for about a minute.
    • Slowly add 150ml strong chicken stock (I used the stock I made in week 1) then add the chicken juices.
    • Boil for a minute to cook out the flour and then more if you want a stronger flavour.
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Chicken supreme with herby roast potatoes and a creamy tarragon sauce

Week 5, session 2

I loved this one. I was dreading it because my butcher’s only have chicken supremes at 10am on a Wednesday and since I have work commitments preventing me from getting there at that time, I chose to buy a whole chicken and extract a supreme from it. I watched an old school Delia video on YouTube and got to it. It wasn’t as bad as I thought, just a bit slimy.

Not a bad job

The potatoes were roasted with rosemary and garlic (a classic) whilst I cooked the chicken. I cooked the chicken skin side down in olive oil and butter until it was golden and the fat rendered. I then turned it over and used some session 1 stock to poach it.

The sauce was made from the remaining stock/chicken juice, creme fraiche, tarragon and lemon juice.

I then served all of this with some tenderstem broccolli. It was so delicious, truly, and I will definitely make this again, possibly this week because I have another supreme and some sauce left. The only thing I’d like to know is what to do about the skin. It was so perfectly crispy until the poaching stage. Is there something I can do to retain crispy skin? Remove it before poaching? Re-fry it? Any way, I just didn’t eat the skin.