Stir-fried broccolli with pan fried mackerel

Week 4, session 1

It’s vegetable week this week and today was stir-fried broccolli. Used the blanch-refresh method here and a quick stir-fry.

Whilst I didn’t learn anything from this session, this was actually very delicious so I’m happy that I got to cook this and it’s a quick and healthy after work dinner so tick on this front too.

I served this with pan fried mackerel which was a perfect pairing. Disappointed by the skin situation here, I’ve definitely done better, but was still tasty!


Stir Fry

Session 2, week 1

I have just spent the last 2 hours making stir fry. My usual quick Monday night go to has been transformed into, quite frankly, time consuming precision. Was it worth it? Yes! This stir fry not only tasted delicious but looked so pretty!

I need to practice the ‘rolling chop’ so that this won’t always take me 2 hours but I will definitely do this again, soon. Will also post the sauce recipe because really yum!

What else have I learnt? That 150g of cooked brown rice only needs to weigh 75g at the beginning. I have so much spare cooked rice!

Mise en place