Salads and sausage rolls

I organised a baby shower for my best friend on Saturday. Lots or people contributed lots of delicious food and presents, we had a lovely set up under a gazebo in Brockwell Park and overall it was a beautiful day (albeit very blustery weather).

I contributed 2 salads and some sausage rolls. One consisted of lettuce cups, filled with cucumber, tomato and radish with a French dressing, and the other was a roasted beetroot, carrot and butternut squash, quinoa, kale, mixed seeds and herb salad which was served with a raita; The sausage rolls, to quote the mother to be were “off the hook!”. They had thyme in the sausage meat and parmesan in the pastry. All very nice if I do say so myself.

The savoury spread
Some of many cupcakes

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In the meantime though, I added thyme, salt and pepper to the sausage meat and fried a little to check for seasoning. I then added the same amount again (ha ha). For the pastry I did cheat – I used a ready made puff and rolled parmesan cheese into it when I rolled it out. A little goes a long way with the cheese (unlike the sausage seasoning).


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